We are an intentionally interdisciplinary network of Atlanta-based researchers investigating how to enlist AI ethically, equitably, and in the service of justice.

Atlanta Focused

We aim to bring the city of Atlanta, with its historical place in the civil rights movement, to current conversations about the biases embedded in our AI systems.

Humanities Forward

We believe that an equitable, ethical, and justice-oriented approach to AI is possible when humanistic ways of thinking come together with technical knowledge and community expertise.


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Kickoff Event Recap

The AIAI kickoff event held on October 5, 2023, at the Science Gallery in Atlanta. We had a diverse audience of activists, academics, industry professionals, and the broader community to celebrate the launch of the AIAI network, especially with our emphasis on centering Atlanta, a hub of the civil rights movement, at the intersection of AI and social justice. Amidst the panel discussions, and other conversations, we had to opportunity to explore the Justice Exhibition on display at the Science Gallery

AIAI Network Awarded $1.3M from Mellon Foundation

Is it possible to enlist AI ethically, equitably and in the service of justice? What is the role of the humanities in this pursuit? The Mellon Foundation has awarded $1.3 million to Emory and partners at Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Institute of Technology and the DataedX Group to explore these questions through the creation of the Atlanta Interdisciplinary AI (AIAI) Network.

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Talk by Inioluwa Deborah Raji

Thursday, October 19th | 4pm | Emory University (ATWOOD 360)

AIAI is thrilled to host computer scientist and tech activist Inioluwa Deborah Raji at Emory on October 19th, 2023 at 4PM. Raji, who was recently named to the TIME 100 list of the most influential people in AI, will be speaking on the topic of audits and accountability in the age of AI. 


How do ideas move from margin to center? Who are the people behind those ideas? Can machine learning methods help to credit them for their important work? Using #StopCopCity and #BlackLivesMatter as case studies, we explore the uses–and crucially, the limits–of AI for the study of social movements.

This project examines and critiques the interlocking historical, political, and technical aspects of the city’s data quality management in relation to the Atlanta Beltline, a former railroad turned mixed-use path that encircles the city. We are co-creating community data and AI literacy workshops to shape an inclusive AI future for the City of Atlanta.

The AIAI Data Collective is dedicated to modeling contextual and ethical data collection, documentation, storage, and sharing for AI research. Our website will house and, when appropriate, share AI training data according to best practices in the field


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